hanging in the heat


When it gets hot, I sweat. And when I sweat whatever I’m wearing comes wafting off me like swamp gas. Even something relatively “light” like Comme des Garcons 2 Man can overwhelm. I found that out the hard way. The first time I ever wore Histoire de Parfums’ 1740 (in August) it never left me alone and not it a good way. It was a long time before I could wear it without feeling nauseated. Seriously.

So when things go bad, they go bad. Good thing the team at SMELL DORADO have cooked up a teeny-tiny list of summer-safe bets to get you started, perfect to pair with that white suit (or flip flops).

Kerbside Violet. Be warned, it’s a screamer. But this reedy gem from LUSH/Gorilla is fresh, green, and cheerful. Perfect for just about any summer activity.

Elie Saab Essence No. 2 Gardenia. One of the nicest white florals around. While most consider it a crowd-pleasing modern feminine, a heavy dose of woody notes make it a great masculine, too.

Amouage Figment Man. Want to smell like a basement from your childhood with a dash of classic locker room? Have I got the perfume for you!

Comme Des Garçons Odeur 71. Billed as an odd, arty “anti-perfume” this bottle is actually quite accessible and easy to love. Just don’t call it perfume.

Chanel Eau de Toilette. An unimpeachable and enduring way to beat the heat, rendered beautifully as only Chanel can. It won’t last too long on skin, but that’s the point.